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Food and Drink

New twists on G & T

May 22, 2014

With the G&T season upon us, it’s time to embrace your spirit of adventure and try a delicious new G&T serve. Martin Miller’s Gin is a classic, versatile and gentle gin that can be enjoyed with a variety of creative garnish combinations. So why not toast the G&T season in style with three refreshing twists on the classic G&T, lovingly created to add a touch of romance and adventure to your glass?

Food and Drink

Barbecue delights

May 21, 2014

To celebrate the arrival of warmer weather, why not dig out the barbecue and sizzle up some tasty dishes the whole family can enjoy?

Food and Drink

Riches of the sea

May 20, 2014

We’re so incredibly lucky here in Scotland. We have access to some of the best seafood in the world right on our doorstep – something many chefs would envy. Indeed, one of the reasons I chose Scotland to set up my own restaurant was the fantastic fish and shellfish we have here.

Food and Drink

The Crowning Glory of May

May 19, 2014

British asparagus is eagerly awaited by everyone. It doesn’t have the best PR and is sometimes seen as being tricky to prepare but that’s not the case and should be celebrated and eaten by everyone.